Sunday, September 7, 2008

Russia so far...

I finally made it to russia, and it's been an adventure of a life time so far... It's been CRAZY!

I have pictures of all the adventure so far so lets start the tour together...

This is us before we left the airport, go bye to our parent and on to denver. We took barbie around the aitprot and took pictures with her. Our next stop was in Germany, and we slept once we land till we took off for st petersburg. One we got to the airport in st petersburg, got our lugage. People were waiting for us with out pictures and off into there car we were headed towards what we didnt know. I've never been so scared in my life, and i wanted to curl into a ball and cry. lol i met my host mom, her name is Galina, and doesnt speak an ounce of english. Haha we use actions to commuicate and she feds me really well.. to bad the food isnt the best! :) i have my own room and my own cupboard. I'm very lucky and i love living there. The first few days, we did some great exlporing aroung the city center, and found some really cool stuff...

We went to the mcdonalds, subway, pzza hut and kfc already. We've hit almost every american food place. We had to get our blood taken in this haunted house creppyvile, and they prink our fingers so deep, it hurt super bad!
The next one was our first day of church, literial mircle we found the church, good thing we have lots of faith! OMg, some guy had a pet bear in the park and was just sittin on a bench. The bear was sucking his hand, and just chillin. It was insane! This is some of the girls i came with and s biulding of some sort,( idontknow yet) The food isnt so bad, but my host mom really had a fish just sitting in the fridge here. It is so gross, i just had to post it! haha We starting teaching the little children. Dont be fooled by the cute faces, they really are little demons right now. I teach the five year olds, and the 7 years olds with danielle. They kids are cute, but it has been quite the chalenge so far, but it will get better, it always does!

Here are some pictures from exploring the city center of ST petersburg...

Those chair are the 12 wonders of the world, and we got to sit in them. We also got to take a cute pictues with the girls and the male statue... haha haha (i'm so immature!) hehe

Every saturday we get to go travel and look at a different place in history, and this saturday we went to Peterhof, This was a house of peter the great, and it had 155 fountain spread over acers and acers of land. It was really pretty and so amazing. I hope you enjoy all the pictures.

I dont have alot of time to blog, but that is the jest of everything so far. Russia is a very different country, but i'm learning to love it everyday. It is very beauiful, and the fashion here is amazing. Never a dull day... but if you have any other questions, just let me know.. :) you can email me also, my email is
I miss everyone at home and i love you all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Continued the FLASH BACK!!!

2008 has been a really fun year! These are my favorite memories i've had minus the beach house, St. George trips, and Whitney of course!

Four wheeling with amanda!
We're so cute!

Park City

Bri's Lula
Everybody loved my coconuts! Bri was leaving for Hawaii, and had a big party at there house.
It was really fun. We had lots of laughs and smiles!

My scooter Accident...
I decided to buy a scooter, My dad drove it home from Pleasent Grove. 30 Seconds when he got home and let me drive it, i drove it up the street, lost control, hit the gas, hit the curb and flew over the top of my scooter. I'm glad i had my helmet. I got some prety good road rash and sctraches to my bike, but we were both ok. My dad yelled at me, and my family laughed... while i cried! I'm alot better now, and i can fly on my scooter!

Fun Stuff we did before Mal left for London, and I leave for Russia!

Mal and I were sick of annoying people and life, so we wrote down everything that was bugging us and burnt it! So We had a fresh start as we were getting ready to leave the country and start new adventures!


Mal and I decided that we wanted to dress up ad become ninja's to go play laser tag. We werent able to play laser tag, but we did take some reall cool pictures, we found these tunnels that play tricks on your eyes, and we made a freakin sweet ninja club!

My friends and I started traveling around the world, so instead of Siterhood of the Traveling Pants, we have a sisterhood of the traveling Barbie. Barbie will Travel the world!

80's DANCING!!!

My friend Mal, Cj, and I went 80's dancing. The dancing party was pretty lame, so we decided that it's fun to just dress up and take pictues!

We went to the Rascal Flatts concert! Amanda and I got matching outfits! It was an amzing concert!

Valentine's night we went to see step up 2 opening night with all gabi's friends, Parker and Scott! Scott started dancing during the movie and all the ladies wanted him. After we went and got ice-cream, and had to dance party to the song "LOW" PArker was a stud this night, and all the ladies wanted him at the dancing party!


At Ethan's baby blessing, Jenny dared someone to eat a ballon of frosting. Lori was the first one to step up and then everyone followed after... After each ballon we chanted the color of the frosting. YELLOW>>> BLUE>>>>> GREEN>>>>>>

Snowboarding!! I didn't get up boarding as much as i liked but i did have a blast whenever i did go. One afternoon, we climbed a tree and Bagocked at people as they skied under us. We had many interesting conversations and lots of good snow! It was a fun winter!

We had so much snow this year, that was taller than me and almost than my dad!

We went down to Vegas with the drunkers for New years Eve! We ate dinner at the Hard-rock Cafe, and watch someone get married at midnight. Happy New Years!

Gabi had a fun birthday party this year. We went ice-skating downtown. She invited Parker, so he'd bring his HOT friends! Gabi and Madie are growing up!

Jenny hosted a sweater party this year. The idea of a sweater party is to find the ugliest sweater and wear it to the party! Gabi and Lori won, but I'm going to next year!

We Broke into Thanksgiving Points Harvest Days at like three in the morning to jump on his Air lifted bubble Tramp thing. It was was about 20 feet long and multicolor. We jump for a while, but got chased out by the patrol car.

Parker won his State Camps Game in the Last ten seconds. It was a awesome game to watch. He had quite the crowd and lots of Fans!

The Jim-Hart-Family had a really fun Halloween party this year. We craved pumpkins and frosted cookies. I wore my scary contacts, and Mackenzie didn't know how to react. She would just stare at me holding back the tears.

Homecoming up at Utah State! It was a fun-crazy night!

My friend Wendi and I each ate a whole pack of bubble tape, and tried to blow the biggest bubble! I won!

Walking around Silver Lake, and having Lunch up at the lodge.

Can't Miss the Good old Fair! My friends and I rode the rides till we couldn't move and had to lay down because we were going to pass out! fun times!

I went horse back riding around Current Creek with my friend Wendi and Judd.

Tubing the Provo Canyon River. My Trip i took down the river my tube got a hole in it, and slowly was releasing air. I practically rode the river on my stomach and rocks! :(

Parker's more HOMO side!!! Bathing with Scott, and dressing up like Hannah Montana!

Rollerblading down the Water slides at Magic Water. It hurts when you fall but we get Slurpee's after! :)

Going to see Harry Potter, and buying the Book at midnight up in Park City!
We got in trouble for being to loud while playing mafia!

The Canyons!!!
Fun night around the Camp fire with my friends!

It's been a really fun year!